Starry-eyed in Africa

The final guest post of the Africa fortnight comes from Joanne Haws of Classic Retreats. Prepare to become starry-eyed…

The phone rings… slightly disorientated, you lean over and reach for the receiver.

‘Hello?’  – “Good morning this is your 5:30am wake up call.”

A jolt of excitement and a rush of energy pulses through your body as you throw yourself out of bed!

All photos © Courtesy of Classic Retreats

It is dark, slightly cold as you leave the warmth and luxury of your chalet. Making your way to the communal area there is a smell of fresh earth and sounds of crickets and morning birds.You are handed a much needed strong coffee by a warm friendly smiling face, far too awake for this time of the morning.

Your ranger wonders over with a smirk on his face, realising in an instant that this is your first time safari experience, he confidently knows he is about to take you on an exceptional life changing adventure….

Having grown up in South Africa and having spent much of my childhood holidays camping in the African bush the thrill of a safari experience; the anticipation when setting out on a game drive and having no clue what is in store, the exceptional wilderness adventure and the glow of the African sun warming the earth and wakening the world, never ceases to amaze and excite me.

The diversity that Southern Africa has to offer; chic Cape Town beaches and restaurants, mountains, whales, infamous wine routes, easy self drive itineraries, fabulous dive sites and tropical beaches, incredible safari experiences in simple bush camps to luxurious chalets and a host of adventures and activities is truly exceptional.

The smells, the sounds and the feeling of the rhythm of Africa is one that no matter how many times you visit always leaves you wanting more and starry eyed

Joanne Haw grew up in Cape Town, but is now based in Edinburgh, where she is the dedicated accounts manager for Classic Retreats, a leading travel company with an impressive portfolio of hotels and lodges in Southern and Eastern Africa.

You can find out more about Classic Retreats and what they offer here.

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  1. Love these pictures so much. 🙂 Have only ever read books about Africa, and long to explore in person one day. 🙂


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