Paddington Bear goes Home

So this is it, my last day in England. Tomorrow, I’m going to Peru, and a certain little bear is coming with me.He’s been living in London for over 50 years, but apparently he’s bored of the expat life, so I made a trip to Paddington Station, picked him up and I’m taking him home.

Paddington is known for getting up to all kinds of mischief, so who knows what adventures we will have together?! Our first stop, just for a night, is Lima, where we will recover from our jetlag before boarding an overnight bus to Huaraz. Here, we’re going to live the local life, I hope Paddington can teach me a bit about the customs and culture. We’ll live with a family and every day Paddington will help me teach English at a primary school. He’s pretty fluent nowadays.

It’s taken all day to pack – Paddington only has a tiny suitcase so he was ok, but as a first-time backpacker, I had a bit more trouble. I after my first (over)estimation of how many outfits my backpack could hold, I reduced and reduced until the bag would close and my room looked like the floor of Primark. But it’s finally done and I feel quite proud of myself (if a little disconcerted) about the amount of clothes I’m leaving behind. OK, so the backpack is full, but a good percentage of that is books for the children and my hiking boots.

So we’re finally ready and tomorrow the adventure begins. We’re both feeling a bit nervous, but mostly excited. It’s going to be one incredible journey. I hope you’ll join us along the way!



  1. Have a great adventure Katy we will all be looking forward to hearing about all the small ones with Paddington which go into make up the epic one. Safe travels.

    • thanks Iain! I’ll certainly keep you updated ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey hon,
    delighted to see that you will have such a boon travelling companion!
    But for the love of Mike! Don’t PACK your hiking boots!! – WEAR them , that’s space for at least 3 outfits right there!!!!

    Looking forward to sharing in your adventures throught the magic of t’internet!

    love ya honey!

    • I did pack my hiking boots in the end, they aren’t heavy ones,I tried different combinations of things but it didn’t seem to make much difference! I’m in Huaraz now, looking forward tp the next couple of months here before hitting the road again!

  3. Hope you have an incredible time ๐Ÿ™‚ Paddington will look after you! Can’t wait for the updates xxxx

  4. Awesome! Paddington will love it. All packed and set to go by the looks of things ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy x

  5. good luck on your new adventure! And I have to agree with Kate- wear the boots and bring another dress or something! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. What a great idea to take cute Paddington with you. I hope the Peruvian children love him and that he makes your teaching easier.
    ยกQue descanses este fin de semana y que empieces bien las clases el lunes, supongo!


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