Spontaneity and dessert – my travel indulgences

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For me, a new place means a chance to do things I wouldn´t normally do. When I´m travelling, I feel free. Nobody knows me, I´m thousands of miles from home, and I want to make every travel experience incredible.

So I do things I wouldn´t normally do, I eat things I deny myself at home, I go with my instincts, I´m spontaneous. After all, what´s stopping me? OK, so that dessert may be more calories than is really necessary, but I know that tomorrow I´ll be outside, walking the streets of a city, hiking in the mountains, maybe even paragliding or kayaking, so I´m sure to burn them off.

I allow myself the time to really explore a place, to really look, to appreciate what is beautiful and wonderful, rather than just rushing around to get all the sites in the guidebook ticked off. I take a lot of photos and go at my own pace. Ok, so I may not see everything, but I bet I see more than those people who try to.

I don´t mind roughing it when travelling; the budget constraints mean that I don´t always have a choice. But on a long trip of several months, there will be times where I treat myself and book into a nice hotel where I can have some peace and quiet, my own bathroom, an undisturbed sleep. Sometimes you need your own space and a bit of comfort, even a bit of luxury.

Of course I travel to explore different cultures and experience different ways of life. This has to be one of the richest, most interesting parts of travel, but there are times when I feel a bit tired, I get tongue-tied with the language and I feel out of my depth. At this point, I head for the nearest tourist café where I´m sure to find other people feeling the same way. OK, it might be more expensive than the locals´bar next door and hardy globetrotter-types may turn their noses up, but someimes there is just a need to meet other travellers, share stories with them and be reminded why it is we travel.

And sometimes, just sometimes, when it all gets too much, I head to the nearest internet café and skype my mum.


  1. A nice post, great way to travel and explore.
    Enjoy Huaraz. The mountains look beautiful!

  2. That dessert looks delicious!

  3. I agree Katy! That dessert looks delicious by the way, definitely an indulgence worth having… Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Peru.

  4. I also eat things and do stuff I wouldn’t normally do. That’s what travel is all about!

  5. Skype is such a comfort when far away from everyone. 🙂 Love that you indulge in that too.

  6. Hi Katy! Sorry I didn’t comment sooner, I had a time logging in yesterday, but so far – all seems okay today. I love your post and know exactly what you mean about spontaneity Travel is such a special gift, and it sounds as if you know how to take full advantage of that… And skype – YES – a life changer for folks far from loved ones. Thanks for playing!! 🙂

    • No problem! It was a great question tp answer!

  7. I’m with you –
    “The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist see what he has come to see.”
    GK Chesterton

  8. Lovely post Katy 🙂 fab photos too.


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