Starry-Eyed Writers at Christmas

I can hardly believe that it’s Christmas THIS WEEK! I’ve held out for long enough, so for the whole week, everything on Starry-Eyed Travels is going to be festive, merry and oh-so-Christmassy! To get us started, there are Christmas conversations with Starry-Eyed Travellers: today we’re hearing from the writers who have contributed this year; tomorrow it’s the turn of the regular readers, people who have unfailingly supported Starry-Eyed Travels. And, of course, you. Feel free to jump in and add your Christmas wishes, plans and thoughts anytime you like. So, get the carols playing, put on your Santa hat and enjoy the Christmas goodies we have in store!

The Writers:

Anika: our beautiful lady from St. Lucia. She wrote about a family reunion of epic proportions in Barbados

Ruth:the expat Brit roaming across Asia from her South Korean base. She took us to Beijing in the calm before Chinese New Year

Becky: the sparkling, happy Welsh lass. She wrote about her adventures Down Under

Jo: our Africa expert, currently living in Copenhagen. She related her memories of Mozambique.


The Questions:

Q: What was your best travel moment this year?

…Because they like to show off just what a well-travelled bunch they are!

Jo: Although I must admit I never want to do it again, the sheer impact on my heart rhythm shows how enthusing a moment this has to have been! My friend and I absolutely pegging it down the corridor at Terminal 3, Heathrow airport (I will add: “the wind in my hair”, just for humours sake) having heard our names called and the words “this is a last call; the flight is now ready to depart!” Certainly a ‘best travel moment’ because, you’ve guessed it, we did catch the flight, and because I’m not sure I’ve laughed so hard and for so long (all the way to South Africa?) since!

Ruth: This year has been a very adventurous one for me,  so picking one moment is extremely difficult. My entire summer travelling from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok was fantastic, but the stand out day for me was cycling around the temples of Angkor Wat. It was great to be on the bikes, slowly making my way around the different sites, taking in the ethereal beauty of Ta Prohm, finding places away from the other tourists and remembering how amazing the existence of those magnificent structures really is.

Becky: My best travel moment this year was in a traditional Irish pub in Dublin where the live music within made the tiles on the roof tops dance. The pub was a musical instrument shop and so couldn’t be deciphered as a pub from the outside. Inside, musicians from around the world (people who had never met before) were congregating and making the most beautiful and electrical music together; such raw and true talent I have never before experienced. I’ll never forget the energy of that night.

Carribbean Sunset

Anika's best trip was to Barbados for an epic family party


Q: Where do you hope to go next year?

Their plans are certainly diverse and ambitious!

Anika: Hopefully New York for Michael Jackson Immortal Tour by Cirque Soleil and Las Vegas 

Becky: We have a city trip to Edinburgh planned and lots more UK based camping trips. I can’t wait to get my walking boots on and delve into the mountains.

Ruth: I hope, one day soon to get to Tibet, and I would love to return home in the summer overland from Russia after taking the Trans-Siberian train. But I’ve actually got two trips planned already for next year; Thailand and Bali, so I’m concentrated on those trips at the moment.


Jo had fun in Marrakech

Q: What simple pleasure are you looking forward to at Christmas?

Give our girls family, friends and the odd After Eight and they’re happy!

Anika: Spending time with family and friends

Ruth: This Christmas, abroad, I’m looking forward to spending the day with good friends, my make-shift family away from home. Making our own unique Christmas memories, and hearing about how they celebrate Christmas where my friends are from (South Africa, USA, Canada, Korea) sharing the things I miss and the anticipation of how special it will be when I am next able to do those simple Christmas things (decorate a tree, eat a mince pie, secretly open the box of After Eights my dad’s saving for Christmas day, see the lights of Oxford St)

Jo: My brother’s company and (am I allowed 2?) hugs from my Mum – never too old!
Q: Where will you be this Christmas? So, that’s all over the world, then!
Becky: I’ll be at my family home, cosying up next to the fire with a nice glass of winter pimms.


Anika: At home in St. Lucia, a warm Christmas 

Ruth:In Hannam City, just outside Seoul, South Korea.

Q: If you could spend Christmas in any country in the world, which would you choose?

So those in a cold climate want hot, and the one in the hot climate wants cold. The grass is always greener!

Jo: Malawi

Becky:Christmas away from family and friends just wouldn’t be Christmas so I’d have to take them too. So if I had my way, I’d like to experience a summer Christmas. Perhaps back at Byron bay, watching the surfers play the waves whilst munching on a barby!

Anika: England, be nice to celebrate Christmas with my Grandma and Aunty, Uncle and Cousin


One of Ruth's trips this year was to Nami Island, South Korea.

Christmas Quick-Fire Questions

Fine Dining or Home Cooking? Unanimous vote for: Home Cooking

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? They’re all fans of: Christmas Day

Family or Friends? Anika and Ruth said Family, Rebecca and Jo can’t choose!


So that’s it from the writers, but pop back tomorrow to see what the fans of Starry-Eyed Travels have to say!

What about you? Where will you be this Christmas? Where would you like to be? And where do you hope to go on your travels next year?



  1. What a fun collection of thoughts about their travels and plans and wishes for 2012. I am crazy about Jo’s description of being paged for last call at Heathrow. I will spend Christmas this year, either exactly where I am right now (in my favorite chair with blanket, laptop and Kindle all w/in arm’s reach or in the kitchen whipping up all kinds of things that I don’t eat that often.My wish list for 2012 is long and complicated – and I’d settle for just one of the places on it… Australia and England top the list though 🙂

    • Margo, you’re painting such a cozy picture of where you are right now! Oooh it would be so exciting if you came to England! I’ll be a willing guide 🙂 I’d love to go to Australia too!

  2. I’m chuckling to myself picturing Jo and her friend hurtling through the airport gasping for air in between peals of laughter. 🙂 Hilarious! 🙂 Best travel moment, oh, so many, England with you, home in Australia with my Robbie, Vogogna with my belles, on and on. I love them all. 🙂

    • 🙂 It’s been an amazing year for travel for so many of us Starry-Eyed lot! You’re up today Krista! 🙂

  3. A fun read — good idea getting the girls together!

    • Thanks Abby, just though it’d be a bit of Christmas fun!


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