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Photo of the Week

Image © courtesy of Krista Bjorn

I began Photo of the Week almost two months ago and I have really enjoyed the Friday game where you have all got so creative with one-word titles and with your photo submissions. We’ve had some wonderful photos and inspiring titles – I’m very grateful to everyone who’s participated.


Image © courtesy of Iain Mallory

However, it may not seem it, but I’ve found it to be a pretty labour-intensive thing to run and at the moment, I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it. So, here’s my proposal: If you have a great photo that you’d love to see on the site, then send it to me:


If it suits Starry-Eyed Travels, I will feature it in the Friday slot.

Beach at sunset

Photo © courtesy of Craig Zabransky

I’m keen for this site to be as interactive as possible, so I’m sorry to do anything which lessens that, but I hope you understand and continue to enjoy (and send in!) your Friday Photos.

Is there anything you’d specifically like to see on Starry-Eyed Travels?



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  1. I’m so honored you featured my Prague photo, luv! I’ll look forward to more submissions in the future – whenever they may show up. 🙂


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