Special Guest Interview: The Food and Travel Secrets of Olympians

So, we have just a bit of rest between the Olympics and Paralympics and it seems like a good time to reflect on the most incredible event in my country’s recent history.
During the games, I was lucky enough to be able to interview Dr Adam Carey, an international sports nutritionist. He works with many elite athletes, to ask him a little about his job, his Olympic highlights and the role of Bimuno Travelaid in his work. This is a unique  product designed for all travellers -not just elite athletes! – to help keep their tummies healthy while abroad.

Dr Adam Carey

Dr Adam Carey

Dr. Carey shares some insights into athletes’ diets and his own extraordinary adventures…

Q: Can you explain a little about your role as an International Sports Nutritionist?
I work with a large number of athletes and squads which have included the England Rugby Squad for their World Cup success, England Cricket for their Ashes, Chelsea Football Club for their Premiership title and the Welsh Rugby union for their recent Grand Slam. Though most of the athletes are from the UK I do look after some international athletes like Bode Miller the USA skier.  For the individuals and squads I look after we help screen and educate them to individualise their nutritional delivery to meet their personal needs to improve their performance.

Q: When athletes are travelling abroad, what are your top considerations?
Most of the athletes I look after have to travel a lot.  One of the biggest issues we have is the incidence of suffering an upset stomach prior to competing.  To help combat this we use a pre-biotic like Bimuno IMMUNAID to support the good bacteria in their bowel and reduce the risk of illness.

Q: What is a typical diet for a world-class athlete?
The diets of our athletes vary a lot from sport to sport based on the sport and an individuals requirements.  Notwithstanding this, they all use a very high quality diet from simple foods as the basis for their nutrition.  If their food and water intake is not good, then all the cleaver sports nutrition using supplements is a waste of time.  We focus on high quality foods and cooking from scratch as opposed to buying ready meals.  A balanced plate of food will have a high quality protein source, some unrefined stack based carbohydrates to supply a ready source of energy and a good portion of fibrous carbohydrates to provide the vitamins, minerals and fibre content of the meal.


Bimuno Travelaid

Q: Can you explain a little about what Bimuno Travelaid is?
TRAVELAID is essentially a pre-biotic that feeds the good bacteria in the large bowel and protects you from getting an over growth of bad bacteria that can occur in food poisoning.

Q: In what situations do you use Bimuno and how has it helped?
We use Bimuo products when our athletes are under stress, such as in the pre-season training period, or when their are a lot of matches in a short period of time and to cover them when they travel.  It helps maintain a normal bowel function and this is hugely important  supporting their immune system.

Q: What is your ‘unmissable moment’ of London 2012?
For me their have been a number of special moments in 2012.  Seeing women’s sport do so well has been fantastic in the likes of cycling and rowing, but I guess as an old windsurfer with two children that now compete, being there when Nick Dempsy won his medal was great.

London 2012

You’re looking at some very lucky people, all going into the Olympic Park for some unforgettable moments

Q: Where is the best place in the world that your job has taken you?
I have been on two trips to walk to both the North and South Poles, which was quite extraordinary.

Q: Who is your Olympic hero, past or present?
I don’t really have a single Olympic hero. I have found so much of the games past and present inspirational and it has been fantastic to be involved in supporting them.
Dr. Carey, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions in the midst of a very busy schedule!

Note: This interview was conducted in association with Bimuno Travelaid, but the questions are mine and the opinions are Dr. Carey’s. If you fancy getting your hands on some Bimuno for your next trip to exotic climes, as well as some other great holiday goodies, look out for a giveaway competition coming soon!


  1. Interesting job! I’m pretty sure he would not approve of the Wendy’s I had for lunch because I was too lazy to make a sandwich this morning before leaving for work… Guess I’m not meant to be an Olympic athlete. 😉

    • haha! Neither the cake I had for breakfast! Oh well, lucky we’ve turned our talents elsewhere 🙂

  2. This product sounds so good!! I always, always get an upset stomach when I’m stressed and overtired, so this would be perfect for me even though I’m not an athlete. 🙂 How cool to be able to go to BOTH poles!! 🙂
    Krista recently posted..The FBI, An Engagement Ring and The Gift of BelongingMy Profile

    • It’s most definitely a product for all travellers, not just athletes, luckily for us! I know – I would love to know more about his adventures to the poles.

    • As sorry to hear that! Coca tea might help? Hope you’re having fun and feeling better soon!


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