Friday Photo: A Portrait of Peru

I love blogging, I really do. There are so many enjoyable things about it, but today my particular fondness for it comes from the opportunity it gives me to look back through all my travel photos in order to select images for posts, and particularly for the Friday Photo.

Linking up with the #FriFotos theme of Faces, one of my enduring favourites from Peru is this very spontaneous shot I took at a parade in the town of Chavin. As schoolchildren in Sunday best marched by, I spotted this group of women opposite me and, in a gap between marching groups, I quickly snapped them. I thought they hadn’t even noticed me take their picture, what with people photographing the parade the whole time, but when I reviewed the photo, I noticed that one woman had caught me. Her expression is an absolute picture. I love the off-guard expressions of the others, but her gaze is the most powerful. I caught her, but she caught me too!

Chavin, Peru

Watching the Parade, Chavin

Do you have a favourite spontaneous photo? Where did you take it?



    • It makes me giggle every time I look back on it. Those women certainly don’t stand for any nonsense πŸ™‚

    • It is one of those tricky things, isn’t it? Always so many debates on how to do it, when not to do it… but this was just a priceless moment πŸ™‚


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