Pastoruri, Ice and Snow.

What a perfect day for the #FriFotos theme of snow and ice! I currently feel as though I am inside a snowglobe. It has not stopped snowing all day; endless flakes just dancing through the sky, each one miniscule, but together they are creating quite sizeable drifts. I love how fresh snow makes everything look so pretty, even if underneath it is fairly drab.

But the image I have chosen is from somewhere a little further from home – the Pastoruri Glacier in Ancash, Peru. Seeing it was one of those defining moments in my travels – I can still remember every detail of coming over the ridge of the mountain, dizzy from the altitude, and just standing there, gaping. I was the very definition of awestruck.

Pastoruri, Peru

Glaciers bring vividly to life the immense, visceral power of ice and snow – quite removed from the dancing flakes outside my window right now.

If it’s snowing where you are, I hope you enjoy it, whether you hit the ski slopes, go sledging, or simply snuggle inside.

Where is your favourite place to be in the snow?





    • One of my favourite places in the world, I think! I do love the gorgeous snowy world I’m in at the moment – it makes the cold bearable! Hope you are able to keep cool πŸ™‚


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