Greenwich and the Old Royal Naval College

This guest post comes from Dan Perdomo, a blogger who enjoys discovering underrated parts of London. Enjoy! 

I was lost in London; and not for the first time. This was my fifth time in London since moving down south and I had decided to wander around Canary Wharf. I was walking along the Thames Path which should have led me to the O2 Arena… but I must have gone in the wrong direction.

Ending up in Isle of Dogs (I had no idea where that was in relation to The O2’s location) in a park called Island Gardens, I stumbled upon a view across the river that made my jaw drop.

Little did I know I was looking at the Old Royal Naval College. The grand buildings looked enormous, even from across the Thames. I looked up and down the river but couldn’t see a bridge in sight in which I could cross to get a closer look at the palace. Heading for the exit to try and find the nearest tube station, I saw a domed entrance with a sign saying Greenwich. I entered, not really knowing what to expect, and after walking down some stairs I found myself in an eerie tunnel with no light at the end in sight!

Greenwich London

The Old Royal Naval College

Luckily, there was an end. I exited through a similar domed building and laid eyes on a huge ship – is everything huge in Greenwich, I wondered. I had heard of Cutty Sark but did not know it was a ship – and it’s a beautiful one at that. Towering above me, it reminded me of something from Pirates of the Caribbean.


The Cutty Sark

After that pleasant distraction I moved onto finding the Old Royal Naval College (not that you can miss it). The buildings are so photogenic and it’s only when you get up close and personal that you really appreciate the fine architecture.

I love the blue-domed towers; they kind of remind me of the old Wembley football stadium. The many pillars complete with laterns show that it was a place frequented by royalty. I love this clock and even the lampposts ooze class and sophistication with little crowns atop. Whilst leaving, I found these beautiful decorations on the gates which nod back to its naval heritage.

Old Royal Naval College

Gate decorations at the Old Royal Naval College

I was unfortunately too late to take a look inside, but at least that gives me a reason to return.

Dan Perdomo writes for Elite Travel Blog. A Glaswegian who recently moved down south, he loves to write about his trips to the capital. Find him on Twitter @DanPerdomo89.



  1. What a fantastic discovery!! Jaw-dropping moments like this is why I never mind getting lost. 🙂 Beautiful.


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