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Special Guest Interview: The Food and Travel Secrets of Olympians

By on Aug 16, 2012 in Travel Tips | 6 comments

So, we have just a bit of rest between the Olympics and Paralympics and it seems like a good time to reflect on the most incredible event in my country’s recent history. During the games, I was lucky enough to be able to interview Dr Adam Carey, an international sports nutritionist. He works with many elite athletes, to ask him a little about his job, his Olympic highlights and the role of Bimuno Travelaid in his work. This is a unique  product designed for all travellers -not just elite athletes! – to help keep their tummies healthy while abroad. Dr. Carey shares some insights into athletes’ diets and his own extraordinary adventures… Q: Can you explain a little about your role as an International Sports Nutritionist? I work with a large number of athletes and squads which have included the England Rugby Squad for their World Cup success, England Cricket for...

Friday Photo: The Orbit

By on Aug 10, 2012 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

It would be fair to say, that so far, and with only three days left, the London 2012 Olympics has been a runaway success. The country has been gripped by an incredible shared spirit, Team GB are doing fantastically, and the Games Makers – well, they really have made the games. But one thing has caused a great deal of controversy: The Orbit. This towering sculpture, meant to be an answer to the Eiffel Tower, resembles a sort of tangled helter-skelter. Like any work of modern art, there are those who sing its praises, talking about the ‘concept’ and ‘design’. Then there are those who decry it, seeing nothing more than a knotted mess of metal. It is certainly a conversation starter. My own opinion of it changes like the wind. At first I thought it was beyond ugly and wondered how it had ever been commissioned. But then, seeing it close up and lit up on TV, it...

London 2012 Olympics: A Photo Essay

By on Aug 3, 2012 in Travel | 8 comments

Screams, chants and bellows surrounded us, as we leant forwards, huddled under an umbrella, looking up at the giant screen. As the boat crossed the third line, we began to cheer too, urging our team on. Moments later, we were rewarded and the crowd erupted as Team GB got their first gold medal of the Olympic Games. Short of being at Eton Dorney, sitting in the Park Live area of the Olympic Park was the best place to be to witness that first gold being won.     We had arrived at the Olympic Park only moments earlier, full of anticipation and excitement. Ever since my Olympics tickets arrived, all pretty and pink in their own special wallet, I had been counting down the days. With amazingly trouble-free transport there (well done, Get Ahead of the Games!) and smiling volunteers to welcome us, whisk us through security and point us in the right direction – and now a gold...

A Perfect Day at the Proms

By on Jul 31, 2012 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

I suppose it would be an understatement to say that London is the place to be at the moment. Like every other person on the planet, I was glued to my TV screen watching the Olympics opening ceremony, delighting in every zany British quirk of it. I have rarely felt such a rush of affection and pride for my country.And I’ve remained glued there ever since, while ironically and uncharacteristically contemplating taking up a new sport, cheering on Team GB. Here in Britain, we’re not generally a hugely patriotic people. We look at other countries such as France and the USA with mild amazement at their flag-waving, anthem-singing antics. We complain – about everything. I mean, the weather’s generally a bit miserable, the economy’s a lost cause, and there’s always someone just waiting to push in front of you in a queue or cut you up at a roundabout, usually...

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