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Review: Familia

By on Jan 24, 2014 in Features, Films | 2 comments

The Swedish filmmaker Mikael Wistrom first met the Barrientos family over 30 years ago whilst working on another film in Peru. He remained in contact with them and so heard about the hardships and tough decisions that they were facing. Knowing that their situation represented that of many Peruvian families, he returned to tell their story. Language: Spanish Country of production: Sweden Running time: 82 mins Directors: Mikael Wistrom and Alberto Herskovits Starring: Naty Barrientos Genre: Documentary Studio: Manharen film and tv – Ventana Film AB Rating: 4 stars   The Film Naty is the heart of her family. She is a mother, grandmother and devoted spouse. As the film opens, she makes the difficult decision to leave them all and travel across the Atlantic to Spain. She is at an age where she should be reaping the rewards of years spent working hard, but instead she has found a job as...

Pastoruri, Ice and Snow.

By on Jan 18, 2013 in Travel | 2 comments

What a perfect day for the #FriFotos theme of snow and ice! I currently feel as though I am inside a snowglobe. It has not stopped snowing all day; endless flakes just dancing through the sky, each one miniscule, but together they are creating quite sizeable drifts. I love how fresh snow makes everything look so pretty, even if underneath it is fairly drab. But the image I have chosen is from somewhere a little further from home – the Pastoruri Glacier in Ancash, Peru. Seeing it was one of those defining moments in my travels – I can still remember every detail of coming over the ridge of the mountain, dizzy from the altitude, and just standing there, gaping. I was the very definition of awestruck. Glaciers bring vividly to life the immense, visceral power of ice and snow – quite removed from the dancing flakes outside my window right now. If it’s snowing where...

Friday Photo: Picture-Perfect Arequipa

By on Nov 2, 2012 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

I am dipping my toe back into the fun that is #FriFotos and offering a Friday Photo on the theme of Curves – which sounds just too sensuous for a Friday lunchtime! Arequipa, Peru, has to be one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Sitting pretty against a backdrop of volcanoes, Arequipa’s founders seem to have designed the city to be in harmony with the views. White stone buildings are interspersed with green palm trees, all elegant and well-planned. High above the city centre, poetry has been engraved into arches, which provide frames through which to view Arequipa’s beauty. Oh to be back in that very spot right now! Which city would you recommend for its...

Friday Photo: A Portrait of Peru

By on Aug 24, 2012 in Travel | 4 comments

I love blogging, I really do. There are so many enjoyable things about it, but today my particular fondness for it comes from the opportunity it gives me to look back through all my travel photos in order to select images for posts, and particularly for the Friday Photo. Linking up with the #FriFotos theme of Faces, one of my enduring favourites from Peru is this very spontaneous shot I took at a parade in the town of Chavin. As schoolchildren in Sunday best marched by, I spotted this group of women opposite me and, in a gap between marching groups, I quickly snapped them. I thought they hadn’t even noticed me take their picture, what with people photographing the parade the whole time, but when I reviewed the photo, I noticed that one woman had caught me. Her expression is an absolute picture. I love the off-guard expressions of the others, but her gaze is the most powerful. I...

Friday Photo: Stars

By on Jul 6, 2012 in Uncategorized | 5 comments

When the #FriFotos theme for this week was announced over on Twitter, I got seriously excited. I mean, this is Starry-Eyed Travels, and the theme is STARS. Couldn’t be more perfect, really. Except, as I flicked through my photos, from all my trips, I realised I didn’t really have any of stars. I love photos of the cosmos, but they are tricky to take, requiring a long exposure, and it’s something I have not mastered yet. So, this week’s image is a somewhat creative interpretation on the theme. I loved watching these boys play football with an old plastic bottle, running between light and shadow – and the lights of the houses on the mountainside above twinkled like stars. Now, please excuse me, I have to go and learn how to take long-exposure night pictures!

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