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Capture the Colour: A Photo Essay in Colours

By on Jul 26, 2012 in Uncategorized | 8 comments

When I was asked to take part in TravelSupermarket’s Capture the Colour competition, I knew it was exactly the competition for me. Not only do I get to share 5 of my favourite images from my travels, it also inspired me to get creative. The idea was to choose 5 photos, each one representing a colour – Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red. Nominated by Mallory On Travel made my task that little bit more daunting, since his photos are out of this world. Long-term readers of Starry-Eyed Travels will be all to well-aware of my love affair with South America (yes, here we go again) and as my South America archives have such a dazzling array of colours, it seemed like the logical place to start. It’s funny: I had literally thousands of photos to choose from, but these five, chosen for their colour, more or less sum up South America to me. There is an accidental focus on Peru,...

Reminiscing about South America: A Year On.

By on Jul 4, 2012 in Uncategorized | 8 comments

This time last year – on this exact day – I was sitting in a polleria in Calama, Chile, booking the most ridiculous flight of my life. I was a month into the most incredible adventure of my life and although that particular moment was not the happiest of all my time there, I’m smiling thinking back on it. Now that I have my freedom back, nostalgia for South America is stronger than ever and I’m being overwhelmed by a desire to go back there – not just for a holiday, or even an extended trip, but to live. It’s such a tantalizing, ridiculous dream that I barely dare consider it, but at the same time, I can’t stop thinking about it. To live in Buenos Aires, Salta or La Paz, to speak Spanish and wander the streets of those achingly charismatic cities, to drink a cafe cortado in some sunny plaza at the end of each working day… the thought is...

Chaos in Sao Paulo

By on Mar 14, 2012 in Travel | 0 comments

It’s the second Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time for the Travel Belles’ Across the Cafe Table chat!  This month, we’re talking about flight experiences, and this just sort of tumbled out of me. It’s the tale of my inital flight to South America, one I will never forget… My heart gave a small leap. I had just woken, bleary-eyed, from a few hours of fitful sleep and switched on the flight map to see where we were. The answer: somwhere above the Amazon rainforest, just a couple of hundred kilometres outside of Sao Paulo. We were almost there; my South American adventure was about to begin. I set about preparing myself for touchdown: I brushed my teeth, put some make-up on and generally freshened up, as much as is possible on any long-haul flight. I tidied up my things, sorting the nest I had created in my tiny amount of personal space back...

The Bright Lights of Buenos Aires

By on Mar 5, 2012 in Travel | 6 comments

To start our month of city & culture features, we’re heading first to the beguiling capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires… Buenos Aires. Just say it. Let the words roll over your tongue. Buenos Aires. It just sounds promising, doesn’t it? In my travels across South America, I had heard whispers of all kinds about Buenos Aires. Some people loved it, others hated it. Opinion after opinion was foisted on me, all the things I had to do when I got there, all the places I should avoid. It became a mythical place, somewhere I had no real idea about, but which was constantly spoken about. Nearly every traveller on the South America circuit has been to Buenos Aires, many have spent a few weeks or even months there, so every time I bumped into one of them, I heard about Buenos Aires.Finally, the day came when I boarded a plane from Lima and arrived, a few hours later, in the...

The Iguassu Falls: Up Close and Personal

By on Jan 30, 2012 in Uncategorized | 5 comments

By the time I got to Iguassu (or Iguazu, or Iguaçu, depending on which side of the border you are), I was tired. I remember phoning home – my regular ‘Hi Mum, I’m in a new country’ call – and for the first time, I felt a little homesick. I had been travelling for a long time and suddenly, I was jaded by it. But I had just crossed the Argentina-Brazil border, getting to grips with the tropical weather after the winter of Buenos Aires. And I was  about to visit the Iguassu Falls. It was a moment I’d been anticipating from the very start of my trip, so I hoped it would revitalise me. It was an unpromising start – the weather was dull and grey and the tour guide was an hour late, having been sent to the wrong hotel. I didn’t even want a tour guide. I had booked the trip before I’d left Britain, still naive and worried about going it...

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